Prestige Update!

On the 12th May 2023, BIG Games announced a brand new update to Pet Sim X! Key Features: My Restaurant Prestige System After a long wait, the Prestige system is finally here in My Restaurant!Unlock new recipes, appliances, and much more as you climb the ranks of culinary excellence.Many more Prestige features are coming soon!…

Quests Update!

On the 22nd April 2023, BIG Games announced a brand new update to Pet Sim X! Exciting new features include: Don’t miss out on the chance to hatch huge pets and complete quests for new rewards!

Blox Fruits


Roblox has many different games. Of course there is Pet Sim X – but have you heard of Blox Fruits as well? If you like to play games where there is a lot of grinding and fighting to level up – then you will love Blox Fruits too! Roblox Blox Fruits Blox Fruits is inspired…

Pet Sim X Hardcore Update

New Pet Sim X Hardcore Update!

The Pet Sim X Hardcore Update is finally here! The update that everyone was waiting for, after what seemed like months of waiting, was finally released on July 29th 2022. The Hardcore Update was released in time with the 1 year anniversary of the game. Here we will cover all new changes included in this…

All Shoulder Pets

New Pet Sim X Shoulder Pets!

Preston recently announced in the “BIG Games Pets” group that shoulder pets were now for sale. You may think “what are shoulder pets?” and “how do I get them?” as well as many other questions. Well, we will answer all your questions below! What are shoulder pets? Shoulder pets, sometimes called shoulder pals, are mini…

Buy Robux Roblox Page

How to Refund Robux from Roblox

You might have bought Robux to get a cool item in the game, and changed your mind. Or, you might have purchased Robux by accident. Or, someone else has bought Robux using your credit card without your permission. Either way, you will probably be asking the question: “how to get a refund on Robux?” What…

Mastery Menu Pet Simulator X


Lootbags This mastery skill increases the amount of coins and diamonds you get from lootbags. It also increases your chances of getting better lootbags and dropping double lootbags. To level up the lootbags mastery skill you need to collect lootbags. Collecting approximately 39,200 gift reward lootbags, 13,067 small lootbags, 7,840 medium lootbags or 4,900 large…