New Pet Sim X Shoulder Pets!

Preston recently announced in the “BIG Games Pets” group that shoulder pets were now for sale. You may think “what are shoulder pets?” and “how do I get them?” as well as many other questions. Well, we will answer all your questions below!

What are shoulder pets?

Shoulder Pet Try On

Shoulder pets, sometimes called shoulder pals, are mini pets that sit on your Roblox character’s shoulder. They look exactly like the pets in Pet Simulator X – except they are smaller! They are a shoulder accessory that makes your character look so much cooler, especially if you are a massive Pet Sim X fan! You can try on each shoulder pet to see what it looks like on your character, just like the picture above!

How do I get shoulder pets?

BIG Games Pets Store

Getting shoulder pets is easy! The bad news is, the only way to get shoulder pets right now is to buy them with Robux. However, the good news is that each pet only costs 25 Robux – so they are not too expensive. See the steps below on how to get shoulder pets:

  1. Go to the “BIG Games Pets” group HERE
  2. Click on the “Store” tab
  3. Click on the pet you want to buy
  4. Try on the pet and click the “Buy” button

And that’s it! You can now rock your new shoulder pets and show everyone your cool new shoulder accessory!

How many shoulder pets are available?

All Shoulder Pets

Currently, there are 16 shoulder pets available. We are sure that Preston and BIG Games will continue to add even more! Each shoulder pet has a short description that comes with it. We have included them below to save you the clicking!

  • Husky Shoulder Pet! – SQUIRREL!
  • Chick Shoulder Pet! – It’s so soft AND CUTE!!!
  • Dog Shoulder Pet! – Arf arf!
  • Unicorn Shoulder Pet! – *magic rainbow fairy sounds*
  • Dragon Shoulder Pet! – RAAWR *breathes fire*
  • Storm Wolf Shoulder Pet! – Bundle of electricity!
  • Shark Shoulder Pet! – It won’t bite! 🙂
  • Lucky Cat Shoulder Pet! – 招き猫
  • Capybara Shoulder Pet! – So chill.
  • Blobfish Shoulder Pet! – Blob
  • Axolotl Shoulder Pet! – Happy axolotl! 😀
  • Tiger Shoulder Pet! – RAWR!
  • Bunny Shoulder Pet! – Bunny pet!
  • Corgi Shoulder Pet! – Corgi pet!
  • Parrot Shoulder Pet! – Parrot pet!
  • Monkey Shoulder Pet! – Ooo oo aa aaa!