SECRET UNCOVERED! How to get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X

The Cat Hoverboard Pet Simulator X

We talk all about the rumored Cat Hoverboard in the game below. And the latest news that show us how to actually get the Hoverboard (and this is NOT a scam!). Keep reading to find out the ULTIMATE GUIDE on how to get the Cat Hoverboard in the game!

What are Hoverboards?

Hoverboards were added in an update in 2021, to allow players to move around in the game faster than they would be able to normally. There are many variants or re-skins of the Hoverboard, each with different speeds. They include the Original Hoverboard, Sleigh Hoverboard, Cat Hoverboard and many others.

How to get Hoverboards?

There are different requirements for different Hoverboards. For example, to get the Original Hoverboard you need to own the Hoverboard Gamepass. To get a Bling Hoverboard you need to spend over 100,000 Robux in Pet Simulator X.

Does the SECRET ‘Meow’ Cat Hoverboard exist?

In Update 14, the Cat Hoverboard was included in the list of new Hoverboards released. However, it must be unlocked and the only clue given is ‘Meow’. Therefore, not many people believed it was a real Hoverboard because they did not know how to unlock it. However, the Cat Hoverboard does exist and you can see it for yourself in the game or the game’s code.

The rumors on how to get the SECRET Cat Hoverboard

There have been many fake videos, articles and rumors on how to get this item ever since it was released in the update. They include:

  • Collecting every single cat pet in the game
  • Getting all the “Huge” variants of the cat pets
  • Typing “Meow” in front of different doors
  • Naming your cat pets “Meow”
  • Finding the secret location where the Hoverboard is hidden
  • Some people also believed it was unobtainable

However, they have all been proven to be false! Why? Because the REAL way to get the Cat Hoverboard is shown below.

The REAL and PROVEN way to get the SECRET Cat Hoverboard

Cat Hoverboard Tweet Leak Pet Simulator X
The tweet showing the Cat Hoverboard code

The coding for the game reveals the exact method you need to use to get the Cat Hoverboard. It was revealed in a Twitter tweet (shown above). This tweet showed that to get a Cat Hoverboard, you need to have 100% Mastery for all skills. Yes, that’s right – you need to max out all your Mastery skills to level 99, in order to unlock the Cat Hoverboard!

How to MAX out all Mastery skills to level 99?

Mastery Menu Pet Simulator X
The Mastery menu

Now that you know what you have to do to get the Cat Hoverboard, you might be thinking how to max out each skill. The list of skills you need to level up are below:

  • Lootbags
  • Boosts
  • Free Gifts
  • Eggs
  • Golden Eggs
  • Coin Piles
  • Diamond Piles
  • Crates
  • Presents
  • Vaults and Safes
  • Chests
  • Converting
  • Fusing
  • Enchanting
  • Dark Matter

You need to do different things to level up each Mastery skill. We have a COMPLETE GUIDE below:

So now you know the real method to get the Cat Hoverboard! You don’t have to waste your time trying other fake methods. Good luck!