Lucky Block World Update!

On the 13th May 2023, BIG Games announced a brand new update to Pet Sim X!

New Features:

  • Lucky Block World: Test your luck by breaking lucky blocks in the Lucky Block World accessed via the cannon in the Town area.
  • Lucky Block Pets: Introducing CHROMA technology that randomly hatches pets in common or rare colors. 2 new Chroma HUGE pets and 3 Lucki pets added!
  • Lucky Block Egg: Hatch limited-time pets, including the new huge and chroma pets.
  • Lucky Block Goal: Break Lucky Blocks to reach the Lucky Block Goal and increase chances of getting the Lucky Block Egg.
  • Lucky Block Upgrades: Try player upgrades by finding the Lucky Block Upgrade Machine in the Lucky World.
  • Lucky Block Currency: Earn the new Lucky Coin by breaking lucky blocks. Giant Rainbow Lucky Block offers even more coins!
  • Trading Plaza Terminal: Use the new Trading Terminal Machine to find and buy pets easily.
  • New Hype Gift: Welcome the Huge Penguin, Party Squirrel, Party Shark, and Party Penguin to the collection.
  • 2x Luck & Coin Event: Join the 2x Luck and Coin event from 20th to 27th for the new world.


  • Bi-Weekly Updates: Switching to bi-weekly updates to provide more refined and impactful content, starting from this summer.
  • Removed Cinco de Mayo Event: The piñatas, maze, and egg are no longer available.
  • Minor Additions: Added global Titanic hatch notifications, Huge Golden Safari Dog icon, and fixed VIP purchase sign error.