Mastery Menu Pet Simulator X


This mastery skill increases the amount of coins and diamonds you get from lootbags. It also increases your chances of getting better lootbags and dropping double lootbags. To level up the lootbags mastery skill you need to collect lootbags. Collecting approximately 39,200 gift reward lootbags, 13,067 small lootbags, 7,840 medium lootbags or 4,900 large lootbags will get you to level 99.


This mastery skill increases the duration of your boosts. For example, Triple Damage boosts and Triple Coins boosts can last 25 to 50% longer. To max out your boosts level, you can activate all 4 boosts for 59hrs. You will need to use your potions to activate the boosts.

Free Gifts

To level up your free gifts mastery skill, you will need to claim gift rewards. The higher the tier, the more experience you will get. Tier 1 gift rewards will give 250xp while tier 12 will give 4000xp. To max out the free gifts mastery skill, you need to get tier 1 to 12 gifts more than 64 times.


This mastery skill gives you cheaper eggs and better luck when hatching, as well as a chance to hatch golden pets. It can give you up to 20% cheaper eggs and up to 100% better luck when hatching. To get xp for the eggs mastery skill, you need to hatch eggs of any type. Hatching 13,067 eggs will max out your skill level to 99.

Golden Eggs

The golden eggs mastery skill will give you up to 100% better luck and up to 15% cheaper golden eggs. It will also give you a chance to hatch rainbow pets. To gain experience in this skill you need to hatch golden eggs. You need to hatch 13,067 golden eggs to reach level 99.

Coin Piles

This mastery skill will increase your rewards from coin piles (up to 200% more rewards) and also allow you to break them faster (up to 50% faster). You must break any type of coin pile to level up. Small, medium and large coin piles will give you 50, 75 and 100xp respectively. For example, you can break 13,067 medium coin piles to reach level 99.

Diamond Piles

The diamond piles mastery skill will make you break diamond piles 50% faster and also reward you up to 200% more from each diamond pile. You must break any type of diamond piles. Town biome diamond piles give less xp. If you want to reach the top level for this skill, you need to break 7,840 diamond piles.


The Crates mastery skill will give you up to 125% more rewards from crates and also help you break them up to 40% faster. You must break any type of crate to level up. Breaking each crate will give you 75 experience points. You need to break 13,067 crates to reach level 99 in this mastery skill.


The presents mastery skill will reward you up to 100% more from presents and also allow you to break them 35% faster. Presents also drop more lootbags. To level up, you have to break any type of present. Breaking presents from the Town biome will take longer as they give less xp each. You need to break 7,840 presents to get the maximum level for this skill.

Vaults and Safes

This mastery skill for vaults and safes will give you up to 100% more rewards and help you break them 35% faster. More lootbags will also be dropped at higher levels. Breaking vaults or safes of any type will level up this skill. Vaults will give 150xp compared to 75xp for safes. You can break 13,067 safes or 6534 vaults to max out the vaults and safes mastery skill.


For this mastery skill, chests will reward up to 100% more rewards, more lootbags will be dropped and chests will break up to 25% faster. Breaking chests will level up your chests mastery skill. Breaking 13,067 chests will help you reach level 99.


This mastery skill will unlock the Steampunk Hoverboard at level 99. You have to convert pets to either a Golden or Rainbow variant to get experience in this mastery skill. You will get 15xp for unsuccessful conversions, but you will get the most (70xp) for a successful Rainbow conversion. Converting into a Golden pet successfully 4,667 times, or converting into a Rainbow pet 2,334 times will get you to the max skill level.


The fusing mastery skill will help you unlock the Cat Hoverboard if you reach level 99, along with all the other mastery skills. You need to use the fusing machine to level up. If you fuse 12 pets a total of 1,167 times, then you will reach level 99 in the fusing mastery skill.


This mastery skill will make unique enchantments more common for you and also make them cost 25% less. You need to enchant any pet in the enchanting circle to level up this skill. If you do normal enchantments it will give less XP than unique enchantments (175xp vs 1,025xp). If you enchant pets 5,600 times you can reach level 99.

Dark Matter

The dark matter mastery skill will decrease your conversion times by up to 20%. This mastery skill requires you to put rainbow pets in the dark matter machine. You will get points for each pet used in the conversion, as well as each conversion completed. If you make 427 conversions with 6 pets each, then you will reach the highest mastery level for this skill.