Pet Sim X: Cat World Update – ULTIMATE GUIDE!

Did someone say MEOWWWW??? Because Preston has just dropped a HUGE new update for cat lovers. This update, called the Cat World Update, was first released on November 05, 2022. Then, a week later, a follow-up update called the Secret Cat Update was released. This is your ULTIMATE GUIDE to all things related to the Cat Updates!

New Cat World Added!

Cat World

A brand new world has been added! This is called the Cat World. There are FOUR NEW biomes to unlock:

  1. Cat Paradise
  2. Cat Backyard
  3. Cat Taiga
  4. Cat Kingdom

A FIFTH NEW biome was also added in the Secret Cat Update:

  1. Cat Throne Room

Also new eggs, new pets and new giant chests! Keep reading to find out more!

How to get to the Cat World?

Cat World Cannon
  1. Unlock the Pixel Vault in the Pixel World (it costs 1 Billion Rainbow Coins)
  2. Go to The Void, and make your way to the #3 sign right next to the purple Hardcore Mode building
  3. Go up the stairs and fire yourself from the cat cannon – you’re now in the Cat World!

How to get to the secret Cat Throne Room?

In the Secret Cat Update, the Cat Throne Room was added. But Preston didn’t say where to find it – he only left a clue. The clue is:

The exact location is unknown, but some say they hid the door where you would least expect it!

Cat Throne Room

Here are the steps to get to the secret Cat Throne Room:

  1. Collect 5 trillion Rainbow Coins – that’s right, get farming!
  2. Go to the Cat Taiga area in the Cat World
  3. Find the secret door, behind the fountain, on the side of the Cat Taiga area
  4. Press “E” to unlock the secret Cat Throne Room!

New Cat World Eggs Added!

Cat World Eggs

There are SIX NEW eggs in the Cat World update:

  • Paw Egg – Regular and Golden
  • Yarn Egg – Regular and Golden
  • Cat Egg – Regular and Golden

TWO MORE NEW EGGS were added in the Secret Cat Update:

  • Royal Egg
  • Neon Twilight Egg

New Cat World Pets Added!

Cat World Pets

In the initial update, 14 Cat pets were added:

SIX MORE EXCLUSIVE PETS were added in the Secret Cat Update:

New Giant Cat Chest and Giant Throne Chest

These super strong chests are called the Giant Cat Chest and Giant Throne Chest. The Giant Cat Chest has more than 14,100 quadrillion HP! Both new chests will take a loooong time to beat – but of course it will be worth it as you get all the best loot and rewards! To beat them quicker, make sure to:

  • Equip all your strongest pets
  • Use Triple Coins Boost
  • Use Triple Damage Boost

Other Features and Changes

There are heaps of other features added to trading, patches and rebalancing of pets and prices. We won’t include them all here, but we have covered the important stuff above!