How to Get Galaxy Fox in Pet Simulator X (3 Easy Ways!)

Galaxy Fox Hatched Pet Simulator X

The Galaxy Fox is an awesome pet – did you know that it is one of the strongest pets in the game? The Regular level pet deals 14.3 billion damage, while the Dark Matter level deals over 285 billion damage! That’s probably the reason why you want a Galaxy Fox – plus it also looks cool! We show you how to get a Galaxy Fox below.

1.      Trade for a Galaxy Fox

Trading Plaza Sign Pet Simulator X
The Trading Plaza Sign

The quickest and easiest way to get a Galaxy Fox is to find another player who has them for trading. Click here to find the latest values in gems/diamonds for this pet so you don’t get scammed. You can trade with any player on the same server as you. There are also discords where people are offering their Galaxy Fox pets for trading.

If you go to the Trading Plaza you can also find up to 30 other players which you can chat to and trade. The Trading Plaza was added in an update by Preston and it costs 1,000,000 diamonds to unlock this world permanently. The plaza can be found behind the eggs in the Spawn World.

2.      Buy a Galaxy Fox

Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X
The Traveling Merchant

The Mystery Merchant or the Traveling Merchant have both sold the Galaxy Fox before. You will have to go to where they spawn, which is at the Cave biome, Trading Plaza and Shop. The Mystery Merchant sells pets at a lower price compared to the Traveling Merchant, so if you are low on diamonds you should see the Mystery Merchant first.

3.      Hatch a Galaxy Fox

Planet Eggs Pet Simulator X
Normal and Golden Planet Egg

Finally, you can get a Galaxy Fox the old-fashioned way – and that is by hatching! You will need a Planet Egg which you can get after unlocking the Alien Forest Area in the Tech World. It will cost you 172m Tech Coins to hatch a Normal Planet Egg, and 1.55b Tech Coins to hatch a Golden Planet Egg. Unfortunately, you will need a lot of patience and a lot of eggs for this method, as the chances of hatching a Galaxy Fox are estimated to be only ~0.00044%!