How to Get to the Pixel World in Pet Simulator X

Pixel World Pet Simulator X

The Pixel World is the latest addition to Pet Sim X. It uses the Rainbow coin currency, and has new eggs to hatch. These eggs contain some of the strongest pets in the game right now.

Steps to get to the Pixel World

Pixel World Cannon
Pixel World Cannon

To get to the Pixel World, you must:

  1. Go to the Hacker Portal area, which is the last area in the Tech World
  2. Complete the 3 quests in order to unlock the portal. They are:
    • Break 10 Hacker Chests
    • Collect 50 Loot Bags
    • Convert 3 Pets into Dark Matter
  3. Go to the now-open portal, and press ‘E’ to travel through the portal. You will now be at The Void.
  4. Go towards the side of The Void with 2 staircases, labelled “#1” for the Axolotl Ocean and “#2” for the Pixel World.
  5. Go up the stairs for “#2” Pixel World and launch yourself from the cannon, where you will now reach the Pixel World!

What is in the Pixel World?

There are 4 new areas, or biomes in this new world. They are:

  • Pixel Forest
  • Pixel Kyoto
  • Pixel Alps
  • Pixel Vault

What Eggs are in the Pixel World?

Pixel World Eggs
Pixel World Eggs

There are 3 new types of eggs available, and since there is a regular and golden version of each type of egg, it makes 6 eggs total. They are listed below:

  • Pixel Egg (Regular and Golden)
  • Spotted Pixel Egg (Regular and Golden)
  • Rainbow Pixel Egg (Regular and Golden)

What Pets are in the Pixel World?

When you hatch the Pixel World eggs above, you have a chance of getting the below pets: