New Pet Sim X Hardcore Update!

Pet Sim X Hardcore Update

The Pet Sim X Hardcore Update is finally here! The update that everyone was waiting for, after what seemed like months of waiting, was finally released on July 29th 2022. The Hardcore Update was released in time with the 1 year anniversary of the game. Here we will cover all new changes included in this update!

New Hardcore Update Pets:

Exclusive Capybara Egg

The most important thing you want to know is “what new pets are included in this update”? Well, we have all the info here! There are 7 brand new Exclusive pets released, and you can get them from either the new Exclusive Pets Egg (called the Exclusive Capybara Egg) or from the free Anniversary Gift given to every player above the Pro rank.

Exclusive Capybara Egg pets:

Anniversary Gift pets:

If you want to read more about each pet, and also find out what their trading values are, then click on the links above!

New Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode Building

In The Void area you will notice a purple building with a sign out the front with “??”. You can enter this building to play Hardcore Mode. Progress in Hardcore Mode is totally separate from the rest of the game. Additionally, the pets you hatch here are now labelled Hardcore pets!

However, to unlock Hardcore Mode you need to complete 25% or more of your Mastery. If you haven’t reached that yet, don’t worry – we have you covered with our COMPLETE GUIDE TO MAX OUT ALL MASTERY SKILLS.

New Secret Areas

There are now new Secret Areas in the game that look like locked doors. What are they exactly? Well, you will have to find out yourself because they are secret after all!

New Hardcore Update Hoverboards

There are 2 brand new hoverboards which you can obtain only in Hardcore Mode. They are the:

  • High Tech hoverboard
  • Purple hoverboard

And that’s everything in this new update – it’s now time for you to get your Hardcore Mode on in Pet Sim X!