Quests Update!

On the 22nd April 2023, BIG Games announced a brand new update to Pet Sim X!

Exciting new features include:

  • 5 new huge pets, obtainable through the new Huge Machine Egg and Quest Egg
  • Conquer quests in every area of the game and earn quest points based on the difficulty level
  • Spend quest points in the Quest Shop for new and unique items, including a series themed after the M-10 PROTOTYPE pet
  • New masteries for the Diamond Mine and Daycare to enhance drops and pet damage
  • Fruit boosters now balanced and capped at 200x per type
  • Buffs to the Diamond Mine and improved trading security measures
  • Hardcore mode requirement now only 350 Mastery points
  • Improved textures for the in-game titanic
  • Added a Tech Entrance cannon for easier navigation
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Don’t miss out on the chance to hatch huge pets and complete quests for new rewards!