Capybara Value

How to get the Capybara?

The Capybara is an EXCLUSIVE pet that could be hatched from the Exclusive Pets Egg (called the Exclusive Capybara Egg). It has a 50% hatch rate and was released in the Hardcore Anniversary Update during July 2022.

How Much is a Capybara Worth?

For the Regular version, we currently value the Capybara at 7,000,000,000 or 7 billion gems or diamonds. However, it will be much higher if the pet is Golden, Rainbow or Dark Matter. We have the entire Pet Sim X value list for Capybara below.

Regular or Normal Capybara Value

We estimate the Regular Capybara to be worth 7,000,000,000 or 7 billion gems or diamonds.

Capybara Regular


💎 7,000,000,000 (7b)

Golden or Gold Capybara Value

We estimate the Golden Capybara to be worth 28,000,000,000 or 28 billion gems or diamonds.

Capybara Golden


💎 28,000,000,000 (28b)

Rainbow or RB Capybara Value

We estimate the Rainbow Capybara to be worth 140,000,000,000 or 140 billion gems or diamonds.

Capybara Golden


💎 140,000,000,000 (140b)

Dark Matter or DM Capybara Value

We currently don’t have a value estimate for the Dark Matter Capybara.

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Dark Matter

💎 Not Available