Chill Axolotl

The Chill Axolotl is a BASIC pet that can be hatched from the Axolotl Egg at a 49% chance. It has the same chance of hatching as the Camo Axolotl.

The latest Pet Simulator X value list for Chill Axolotl can be found below:

Chill Axolotl Regular


💎 75,000 (75k)

Chill Axolotl Golden


💎 215,000 (215k)

Chill Axolotl Golden


💎 660,000 (660k)

Chill Axolotl Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 2,000,000 (2m)

Axolotl Fun Facts!

Axolotls are also known as “water monsters” or “Mexican walking fish”. They are a type of salamander that spend their entire lives in water. They come in various colors like black, brown, gray, and even pink. They have a friendly and curious nature.