Phoenix Value

How to get the Phoenix?

The Phoenix is a LEGENDARY pet that is available from the Obsidian Egg found in the Spawn World. This pet has been re-skinned as the Glitched Phoenix and Sapphire Phoenix.

How Much is a Phoenix Worth?

For the Regular version, we currently value the Phoenix at 7,500 or 7.5 thousand gems or diamonds. However, it will be much higher if the pet is Golden, Rainbow or Dark Matter. We have the entire Pet Sim X value list for Phoenix below.

Regular or Normal Phoenix Value

We estimate the Regular Phoenix to be worth 7,500 or 7.5 thousand gems or diamonds.

Phoenix Regular


💎 7,500 (7.5k)

Golden or Gold Phoenix Value

We estimate the Golden Phoenix to be worth 25,000 or 25 thousand gems or diamonds.

Phoenix Golden


💎 25,000 (25k)

Rainbow or RB Phoenix Value

We estimate the Rainbow Phoenix to be worth 75,000 or 75 thousand gems or diamonds.

Phoenix Golden


💎 75,000 (75k)

Dark Matter or DM Phoenix Value

We estimate the Dark Matter Phoenix to be worth 300,000 or 300 thousand gems or diamonds.

Phoenix Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 300,000 (300k)