Pegasus Value

How to get the Pegasus?

The Pegasus is a LEGENDARY pet that is available from the Heaven Egg found in the Fantasy World. This pet is based on an animal from Greek mythology.

How Much is a Pegasus Worth?

For the Regular version, we currently value the Pegasus at 33,000 or 33 thousand gems or diamonds. However, it will be much higher if the pet is Golden, Rainbow or Dark Matter. We have the entire Pet Sim X value list for Pegasus below.

Regular or Normal Pegasus Value

We estimate the Regular Pegasus to be worth 33,000 or 33 thousand gems or diamonds.

Pegasus Regular


💎 33,000 (33k)

Golden or Gold Pegasus Value

We estimate the Golden Pegasus to be worth 166,000 or 166 thousand gems or diamonds.

Pegasus Golden


💎 166,000 (166k)

Rainbow or RB Pegasus Value

We estimate the Rainbow Pegasus to be worth 650,000 or 650 thousand gems or diamonds.

Pegasus Golden


💎 650,000 (650k)

Dark Matter or DM Pegasus Value

We estimate the Dark Matter Pegasus to be worth 2,000,000 or 2 million gems or diamonds.

Pegasus Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 2,000,000 (2m)

Pegasus Fun Facts!

A Pegasus is a mythical creature that is typically depicted as a winged horse with magical powers. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was said to have been born from the blood of Poseidon and Gorgon Medusa. It was tamed by the hero Bellerophon, who rode him into battle against monsters and foes. Pegasus is often featured in many works of literature, art, and popular culture.