Hologram Shark Value

How to get the Hologram Shark?

The Hologram Shark is an EXCLUSIVE pet that could be hatched from the Exclusive Pets Egg (also called the Exclusive Hologram Egg). This egg was released in the Hologram Update during March 2023. It has a 50% chance of hatching. It has the Companion I and Random Enchantments. A Huge variant of this pet (the Huge Hologram Shark) also exists.

How Much is a Hologram Shark Worth?

We calculate the value of the Hologram Shark to start from 789,000,000 or 789 million gems or diamonds for the Regular variant. This value would be higher for the Golden, Rainbow or Dark Matter types. See the complete Pet Sim X value list for Hologram Shark down below.

Regular or Normal Hologram Shark Value

Based on our internal data, we think the Regular Hologram Shark is valued at 789,000,000 or 789 million gems or diamonds.

Hologram Shark Regular


πŸ’Ž 789,000,000 (789m)

Golden or Gold Hologram Shark Value

Based on our internal data, we think the Golden Hologram Shark is valued at 2,500,000,000 or 2.5 billion gems or diamonds.

Hologram Shark Golden


πŸ’Ž 2,500,000,000 (2.5b)

Rainbow or RB Hologram Shark Value

Based on our internal data, we think the Rainbow Hologram Shark is valued at 5,000,000,000 or 5 billion gems or diamonds.

Hologram Shark Golden


πŸ’Ž 5,000,000,000 (5b)

Dark Matter or DM Hologram Shark Value

Right now, we don’t have a value for the Dark Matter Hologram Shark.

Question Mark Icon

Dark Matter

πŸ’Ž Not Available

Hologram Fun Facts!

A hologram is like a picture that looks like it’s really there in front of you, instead of just flat on a piece of paper or a screen. It’s made using lasers, which are like super strong beams of light. The lasers make a special pattern that tricks your eyes into thinking the picture is 3D and you can see it from different angles. You might have seen something like a hologram before in a movie or a toy, like a sticker that changes when you move it.