Glitched Dominus

The Glitched Dominus is an EPIC pet that is available from the Glitch Egg. It has a 0.17% chance of hatching.

The latest Pet Simulator X value list for Glitched Dominus can be found below:

Glitched Dominus Regular


💎 6,000 (6k)

Glitched Dominus Golden


💎 17,000 (17k)

Glitched Dominus Golden


💎 52,500 (52.5k)

Glitched Dominus Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 165,000 (165k)

Glitched Fun Facts!

A computer glitch is a temporary error or unexpected behavior that occurs in a computer system or software program. It can cause the computer to malfunction, produce incorrect results, freeze, or crash. Computer glitches can happen for various reasons, such as hardware or software issues, coding errors, or unexpected interactions between different components of the computer system.