Cyborg Dominus Value

How to get the Cyborg Dominus?

The Cyborg Dominus is a LEGENDARY pet that can be hatched from the Tech Egg found in the Tech World. The Cyborg Dominus existed in previous versions of Pet Simulator.

How Much is a Cyborg Dominus Worth?

For the Regular version, we currently value the Cyborg Dominus at 100 gems or diamonds. However, it will be much higher if the pet is Golden, Rainbow or Dark Matter. We have the entire Pet Sim X value list for Cyborg Dominus below.

Regular or Normal Cyborg Dominus Value

We estimate the Regular Cyborg Dominus to be worth 100 gems or diamonds.

Cyborg Dominus Regular


💎 100

Golden or Gold Cyborg Dominus Value

We estimate the Golden Cyborg Dominus to be worth 280 gems or diamonds.

Cyborg Dominus Golden


💎 280

Rainbow or RB Cyborg Dominus Value

We estimate the Rainbow Cyborg Dominus to be worth 860 gems or diamonds.

Cyborg Dominus Golden


💎 860

Dark Matter or DM Cyborg Dominus Value

We estimate the Dark Matter Cyborg Dominus to be worth 2,700 or 2.7 thousand gems or diamonds.

Cyborg Dominus Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 2,700 (2.7k)

Dominus Empyreus Fun Facts!

This pet is inspired by the ultra-rare Dominus Empyreus hat that was available in the Roblox avatar shop for a limited time. As of October 2022, only nine copies are known to exist. The hat has a white hood with a black cover that masks the wearer’s face, shaded grey-colored rings on the front of the shoulders, and feathers folded backward from each ring. It was at one time the most valuable limited item on Roblox. It was once sold for 69 million Robux in 2022, breaking Roblox sales records.