Pastel Sock Corgi

The Pastel Sock Corgi is an EPIC pet that was available from the Easter Eggs spawned during the 2022 Easter Event. It is based on the Sock Corgi pet.

The latest Pet Simulator X value list for Pastel Sock Corgi can be found below:

Pastel Sock Corgi Regular


💎 10,000,000 (10m)

Pastel Sock Corgi Golden


💎 20,000,000 (20m)

Pastel Sock Corgi Golden


💎 40,000,000 (40m)

Pastel Sock Corgi Golden

Dark Matter

💎 50,000,000 (50m)

Corgi Fun Facts!

Corgis are small, sturdy dogs with short legs and long bodies. They are known for their adorable appearance, with fluffy fur and big ears that stand upright. Corgis are known to be intelligent and outgoing, with friendly personalities that make them popular as family pets. They are often described as playful and active, and they love to run and play outdoors. Corgis are also herding dogs by nature, and their instinct to round up and corral other animals can sometimes be seen in their behavior. Overall, corgis are beloved for their cute looks and spirited personalities.