Hydra Axolotl

The Hydra Axolotl is an EPIC pet that can be obtained from the Shiny Axolotl Egg, with a 0.15% chance of hatching.

The latest Pet Simulator X value list for Hydra Axolotl can be found below:

Hydra Axolotl Regular


💎 540,000 (540k)

Hydra Axolotl Golden


💎 1,500,000 (1.5m)

Hydra Axolotl Golden


💎 4,730,000 (4.73m)

Hydra Axolotl Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 14,950,000 (14.95m)

Hydra Fun Facts!

The Hydra is a legendary creature from Greek mythology, often depicted as a giant, multi-headed serpent-like beast. It is said to have the ability to regrow two heads for each one that is cut off, making it nearly impossible to defeat. According to mythology, Hercules, a famous hero, battled and defeated the Hydra.