Unicorn Value

How to get the Unicorn?

The Unicorn is a LEGENDARY pet that is available from the Rainbow Egg found in Fantasy World.

How Much is a Unicorn Worth?

For the Regular version, we currently value the Unicorn at 13,000 or 13 thousand gems or diamonds. However, it will be much higher if the pet is Golden, Rainbow or Dark Matter. We have the entire Pet Sim X value list for Unicorn below.

Regular or Normal Unicorn Value

We estimate the Regular Unicorn to be worth 13,000 or 13 thousand gems or diamonds.

Unicorn Regular


💎 13,000 (13k)

Golden or Gold Unicorn Value

We estimate the Golden Unicorn to be worth 50,000 or 50 thousand gems or diamonds.

Unicorn Golden


💎 50,000 (50k)

Rainbow or RB Unicorn Value

We estimate the Rainbow Unicorn to be worth 200,000 or 200 thousand gems or diamonds.

Unicorn Golden


💎 200,000 (200k)

Dark Matter or DM Unicorn Value

We estimate the Dark Matter Unicorn to be worth 600,000 or 600 thousand gems or diamonds.

Unicorn Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 600,000 (600k)

Unicorn Fun Facts!

Unicorns are magical creatures from mythology that are often depicted as horses with a single horn on their forehead. They are believed to be gentle, pure, and have the ability to grant wishes. Unicorns are often portrayed with brightly colored manes and tails, and are associated with rainbows, sparkles, and all things magical. They are popular in fairy tales, folklore, and fantasy stories.