Hacked Raccoon

The Hacked Raccoon is a RARE pet that is available from the Hacker Egg with a 91% chance of hatching. It is the most common rare pet that can be hatched.

The latest Pet Simulator X value list for Hacked Raccoon can be found below:

Hacked Raccoon Regular


💎 15,000 (15k)

Hacked Raccoon Golden


💎 50,000 (50k)

Hacked Raccoon Golden


💎 150,000 (150k)

Hacked Raccoon Dark Matter

Dark Matter

💎 452,000 (452k)

Hacked Fun Facts!

Hacking is when someone tries to get into a computer or a device without permission. It’s like trying to open a door or a lock without having the right key. Hackers might do this to see or take information they shouldn’t, or to cause problems on the computer or device.